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Steam Cleaning

A steam cleaner is a good solution for sanitizing and disinfecting. Steam cleaning kills 99.9 percent of bacteria, germs and dust mites. This includes E. coli, Staph bacteria, Salmonella and other micro-organisms, surface molds, bacteria, viruses and other dirty things lurking around. Water has to be heated to 175 degrees for it to effectively sanitize.

Heat treatment has proven effective in killing past viruses. The Government advice on cleaning COVID-19 says, “When items cannot be cleaned using detergents or laundered, for example, upholstered furniture and mattresses, steam cleaning may be used.”

Steam has often been highlighted as a good way to decontaminate areas. However, if you want to follow best practice, it makes sense to clean your floors and other hard surfaces using detergent first, and then to follow up with the steam cleaner as a second option. Just remember that there are no official guidelines on this as a cleaning and sterilization routine, although this technique will give you a deeper clean than just using detergent or just using steam.


Fogger Cleaning

The advantage with fogging is that the sanitizing agent reaches areas that may be difficult to clean with other techniques. Penetration into some nooks and crannies may be limited by obstacles, but in most cases it’s not necessary to move furniture or equipment around before or during the cleaning process.

Fogger canisters are a quick and simple way to disinfect a room. Disinfectant foggers reduce or eliminate microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungus, mold and mildew. ... The fog covers everything, disinfecting and deodorizing at the same time.

How does a germ fogger / room fogger work? A propellant inside the can triggers the release of a fine mist of powerful, disinfecting contents that disperse throughout the room, eliminating germs, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms on everything the fog touches.


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